Size and Fit


If you have a suit at home, there is a good chance it can help you pick your size from our range. You can determine your waist size by comparing to a good pair of jeans or shorts that you own.


90% of men have a chest size 6 inches bigger than their waist size.


If you are unsure about your size, you can add a 'Backup Suit' to your order for $10. We will send you a second suit, one size bigger than what you have selected to ensure the perfect fit. So you receive two sizes of jacket and trousers to choose from.

Size Guide

Let’s find your perfect fit. Just fill out a few simple questions and we'll suggest a size for you. Note - It is more accurate to find your waist size by looking at a pair of jeans or shorts that fit well, please do not measure.

Size and Fit

General Sizing Tips 

  • Your Chest Measurement = The Suit Jacket And Vest Size.
  • Your Waist Measurement = The Trousers Size.
  • Your Neck Measurement = The Shirt Size.

6-Inch Rule

Generally, The Size Of A Suit Jacket Is 6 Inches Bigger Than Your Waist. For Example, If You Are A 34 Waist, The Size Of Your Suit Jacket Is Likely To Be A 40, But please input your height, weight and waist size into our sizing calculator.


The best way to find your jacket size is by inputting your height and weight into our sizing calculator. If you want the suit to be comfortable and wear closer to a regular fit, then ordering one size bigger than our sizing recommendation would be recommended.


We send a shirt size that is proportional to the jacket size that you select. If you wish to specify a shirt size, you can do this by inputting your selected size in the order notes on the checkout tab of our website or can individually add a shirt to cart and select your desired size.


We recommend looking at jeans, chinos or shorts you currently own that fit well to determine your waist size. This is much more accurate that measuring your waist, so please go based on clothes that already fit you well.

Keep in mind Slim Fit

Our Slim fit trousers run typically one size smaller than normal jeans or shorts. We would highly recommend adding the backup suit to your order, so you get two sizing options to choose from. Our Modern fit is more true to size in comparison with other mainstream suiting brands.

Trouser Length and Tailoring

You are more than welcome to get the trouser length and jacket sleeve length hemmed/stitched up by a local tailor/dry cleaner, once your order arrives.

More Sizing Help

Please reach out to us via live chat, email or phone if you have any further questions regarding sizing, we are contactable 7 days a week and are more than happy to help!